Love/Hate Example Missing

Michael Noonan who plays "Bollox" in the popular crime drama Take/Take

Michael Noonan who plays “Bollox” in the popular mass crime drama Take/Take

It has been over two days since someone was quoted in the media as saying something was “…like something out of Love/Hate”

Marian Finnucane¬†may have said it during her popular weekly coughing fit broadcast by RTE on weekends but the tape hasn’t been properly analysed yet.

There were anxious scenes during yesterday’s Ireland v All Blacks rugby match when a TV producer went rogue and tried offing a dentist in the crowd with a plastic bag so that one of the commentators might have the opportunity to refer to the show, but the dentist overpowered him using the producer’s own cravat. It was described by witnesses as “…like something out of Frasier”.

It is thought that the phrase may make an appearance on the Late Late Toy Show this Friday.

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