Licensed Vintners Call For Government Aid To Save Pubs

The Licensed Vintners Association has appealed to the government to support the pub industry which they say has had to shed 5,000 jobs in the current recession.

Among the dmands by the LVA are:

  • Reduce VAT on drink to protect the habits of those on social welfare
  • Create a National Alcohol Management agency (NAMA) to buy up unused pints
  • Secure an all-party agreement that the current cabinet be retained for the duration of the recession to underpin tunrover in the industry
  • Maintain current legal alcohol limit rather than decreasing it as has been proposed

The last of these requests, that the legal blood alcohol level for drivers remain at 100mg and not be reduced to the proposed 80mg level, is to protect dwindling business in rural pubs. LVA spokesbarman Francie “The Head” O’Toole claimed that “there is no difference to the effectiveness of a driver at the 80mg level as opposed to the 100mg level. In fact as an experiement recently in a country pub in County Limerick, all the customers spent the evening drinking lemonade and still twelve of them caused serious motor accidents on the way home. Drink has been villified. They’re just shite drivers, is all they are”.

This marks a shift on the part of the LVA which is a member of the group Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society (MEAS), whose information website states that it is “advised not to mix drink with … driving”.

LVA spokesbarman Francie “The Head” O’Toole has defended that apparent anomaly saying: “Of course we absolutely advise people not to drink and drive. But on the other hand it would be wrong of us to start dictating the amount people drink if they foolishly choose to ignore our heartfelt admonition in this regard. You might as well be the Taliban if you’re going to force your ideas about good and evil on people like that”.

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