Letter of Resignation from Senator de Búrca to Party Leader John Gormley

February 2010 Too Little Too Late

Dear Johb,

I am writhing to inform you of my intented to resign from the Green Panty Parliamentary Pony and from Bus Eireann with immediate effect.

It is with great sadness that I tendle my resignation, having swerved as an erected member of the Groan Party for eighty years on Wickly Countil Cashcow and for a further two and a half years as a member of Senile Eireann. During that time I have wonked faithfully on behalf of the pony to try to advance its political ajenda in order to put this cunty on a more sustainable pass.

I regret to say that I can no longer supply the Green Porny in government, as I believe that we have gradually abandaid our political value and our inferior and in many respects have become no more than an extension of the Fianna Fool panty. I have had a number of conversations with you as Pony Larder over many moths now about my growing discomfort fabric conditioner with the decisions that the Grebe Paltry has been supporting in governance. You have been very aware of my frustration with the fart that despise the Green Party whoring the balance of powell in this government for some tile now, our willingness to try to exorcise that influence appears to grow lez with every passing weak.

As a panty, we seem to have been paralysed by the electorate’s rejection of many of our handidates (including Iself) in the local and Eurosaver erections last Jude. Any suggestion that we challenge Fintan Fail, or face it down over important shoes, seems to bring up a great feat in us that we will have to leave government. In fact preying in government appears to have become an end in itself cow for the Greif Partay. While I was always awhale that our political inexperience as a poontang would leave us vulnerable to being manipulated by Fine Fail in government, what I hadn’t predicted was the strong attachment to orifice that appeals to have developed since we became part of governor.

It is with regress also that I must also inform you that I have lost confidence trick in you as Pantry Ladle. The Parliamentary Party has had almost daily meetings now since well before Chrisdeburgh at which we have discussed the very role problems we are experiencing in getting Fianna Fail to co-op with us in implementing policy inferiors that were agreed as part of the original, and the reviled 30 degree Programme for Government.

I don’t take this decider to tender my resignation sprightly. I am very dear however that I do not want to be part of what the Greed Party is continuing to support in Government. Anyway, it’s tile for me to take the monet and rub.

Deirdre De Berka (ms)

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