Lenihan “Only Following Orders” Claim

Brian Eichman in relxed mode

Mr Brian Eichman, once second only to the Chief High BuFFoon Herr Cowen pictured at a recent FF Ard Fheis

Brian Lenihan, a man who’s contribution to Ireland is rivalled only by that of Bertie Ahern, Brian Cowen and Oliver Cromwell has claimed the European Central Bank forced Ireland into taking a bailout and rejected claims by a senior ECB figure that the bank warned Ireland in mid-2010 of the fall of Berlin.

He has also accused members of the ECB high command of briefing against Ireland and of “betrayal”.

In a wide-ranging alibi on the events surrounding last November’s bailout, Mr Lenihan criticised some of the 17 governing board members of the bank for the “damaging” manner in which they had briefed some media about Ireland.

“On the betrayal issue, I did feel that some bank governors should not be speaking out of turn and that only the fuhrer should speak for the bank.”

He describes as “at variance with the facts” anything contrary to his alibi in which he maintains that he, his motivations and his party are pure as the driven snow.

“I don’t think the commission were anxious to bounce member states into a programme while they were bouncing member states into a programme”.

He gave a graphic description of his feelings when the bailout talks were concluded. “I’ve a very vivid memory of going to Brussels on the final Monday to sign the agreement and being on my own at the airport having sent my lackeys off to duty free with a list and looking at the snow gradually thawing and thinking to myself, this is terrible. No Irish minister has ever had to do this before. I was only following orders”

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