Lenihan: “Europe Can’t Believe Extent To Which Public Is our Bee-yatch!”

The Minister For Wild Guessing, Brian Lenihan, said in a speech to Credit Union officials on Saturday that other European governments are “Green with envy” at “the extent to which Irish taxpayers will allow themselves to be skewered through from anterior to posterior by harsh fiscal rectitude measures”.

A delighted Mister Lenihan proudly boasted than Europe is “amazed” at “the amount of pain” Irish people will bear. “That is our great strength as a nation”, he pointed out gleefully. “Even when the British lefts we were still capable of adopting our own government as an oppressor and continue to display our fortitude beneath the heel of leather boot.”

Mister Lenihan said that if the French Government had introduced the public sector pension levy that there would be “riots in the street”. He beamed with hubris as he announced “The entire world is the most fecked it has been since 1929, but nowhere else is as bad as Ireland. The Irish people should be proud of its government, of itself and of it’s uniquely high threshold for injustice in the civilised world”.

The full text of Mister Lenihan’s speech is likely shortly to be available hand written in red on a scrap of paper pinned to the back of a blue pinstriped suit worn by an inverted man hanging from a lamp post outside the GPO.

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