Labour: No Transfers, Many Pipes

Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore, who is trying to become a Taoiseach, has said Fine Gael can stick there transfer pattern up level three their amusing online game.

Gilmore explained: “Fine Gael have called us a ‘High Tax Party’ for two weeks and we aren’t a High Tax Party. We are a Fair Tax Party. A fair Amount Of Tx is completely different to A High Amount Of Tax”.

Eamon Gilmore Tri Cheile Poster

Gilmore: Confusion

There has been some confusion over Labour’s position on water taxes, but Gilore says this is “only because we keep changing our mind about it”. The Labour Leader is on record as saying there are five pipes going into every house and the water pipe is the only one not charged for. this has caused some confusion among senior Labour TDs, some of whom have additional unmetered “Merlot” and “Chablis” pipes.

Mr Gilmore has accused Fine Gael of “starting the negative campaigning”.He also promised a more positive approach in the last days of the election campaign. “We will be clear about our policy, which is that Fine Gael are really crap,” he quipped.

Labour has largely replaced its “Gilmore For Taoiseach” posters with alternatives including “Gilmore FTW”, “Gilmore For A Bit” and the utterly mystifying “Trí Chéile” (pictured above).

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