Labour Calls For Appointment Of Business Bloke To Cabinet

The Labour Party has called on the government to appoint a business bloke to the cabinet as Minister For All That Businessy Stuff. The new Ministry would be responsible for encourage business, businesslike stuff, stuff that’s done by business blokes, cool ideas for business things, the business, making business work, putting business first, prioritising business instead of pursuing the failed policy of “not prioritising business”, putting Ireland’s best business foot forward, stimulating business and the business of business and breakfast networking meetings.

Several names have been touted to fill the suggested post of Minister For All That Businessy stuff including leading entrepreneurs, former EU commissioners and a geezer who’s always walking past the Labour Party HQ window wearing an incredibly sharp suit on.

A press release from the Labour party states that “Labour wants to focus on getting people back into jobs and our research has suggested that this is something to do with business”.

The Taoiseach has welcomed the suggestion but has said he feels a teacher would be of more benefit in such a role because “we’ve loads of them”.

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