Former Somebody Tom Kitt Calls For Parliamentary Party Meeting On Cowen Leadership

Former somebody, Tom Kitt, has called on RTE’s News at One programme for a meeting of the Fianna Fail parliamentary party to discuss the party leadership.

Tom Kitt In His Non-Ministerial Horse
Tom Kitt In His Non-Ministerial Horse

“Brian Cowen has made a number of dubious judgment calls, beginning with sacking me,” explained Mr. Kitt. “There’s a real feeling in the country that the government has been in trouble ever since i was fired. It’s not about personalities who fired me, it’s about people occupying the office of the man who fired me. Fired me, I ask you? After all I’ve done for this party.”

Earlier Gardaí safely dismantled an illegally parked wooden horse outside Fianna Fail Party Headquarters. “The facsimile itself posed no threat,” explained a spokesgarda, “but there were real fears that a senior politician might try and drive home in it in the early hours of the morning”.

Min for Justice dermot Ahern Can't Hear Banckbenchers
Dermot Ahern “Can’t Hear Backbenchers”

Meanwhile Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern said he had not heard any calls from backbenchers to have a meeting about Brian Cowen’s leadership.

Elsewhere Mary O’Rourke TD said that Cowen would probably survive but would need to improve his communication and pay a little more attention to his handwriting, particularly when submitting homework in his Good Copy Book.

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