Kenny Plans ‘Super Referendum’

Fine Gael leader Edna Chickenny (Mrs) pictured seconds after his speech at a press event was interrupted by someone coughing in the audience; “I thought Vincent Browne had snuck in” he told reporters afterwards

If elected in the forthcoming general election on February 25th the Fine Gael leader plans a symbolic super referendum later in the year to allow the electorate to vote on the abolition of the Seanad and the long delayed Children’s Rights provisions. It is the latest display of symbology by a politician fast becoming as open to interpretation as a Guggi painting.

“Such a move would symbolically give voice once again to the Irish people” said the occupant of the empty chair yesterday.

Mr Kenny made his announcement yesterday speaking at a press event which was cut short when a persistent irritated coughing sound emanated from the back of the room. “Feck me! He’s here! Vincent fecking Browne is here!” shouted Mr Kenny executing a deft standing reverse Fosbury Flop over his Finance Spokesman leaving him peering over the shoulders of his front bench.

Organisers of the event later blamed a poorly serviced cappuccino machine on the debacle.

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