Jedward: “Oh My God!!! We, Like, Totally Asked Cowen To Get Fianna Fail Votes For Us On X Factor!!!!!”

Acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen is not out of the woods yet. On top of former Anglo chief David Drumm’s allegations that he asked the NTMA to deposit money with Anglo Irish, it has now emerged that Jedward approached the Fianna Fail leader as early as Week Four of The X Factor in 2009 asking him to persuade members of Fianna Fail to vote for them. The Taoiseach had previously denied doing this, although he has admitted saying “Fair play to them, Ireland needs a lift, going forward” when questioned during Week Six in the Dail about the performances of the mental-haired twosome on the popular British horror show.



Jedward released a statement to The Emergency in the erarly hours of this morning with their version of events:

“Oh my God! brian Cowen ilke totally promised he’d get all those, like, politician guys in Fianna Fein, or Labour Gael, or, like whatever, to phone in and vite for us in like Week Four of the X Factor. We were like: ‘Oh my God! That’s like totally, like amaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!’, cos like that Ivor Callely guy is one of them, right? And he has like a million billion trillion phones just on his own!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, Jedward did admit that this was just “some stuff we’re like saying?” and that there was no proof, it being just the word of a complete idiot against that of a pop duo.

Mary Byrne is a lovely woman altogether.

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