Jedi Council Makes Pronouncement On Lisbon Treaty

The Jedi Council pictured at the Archbishop’s Palace on Drumcondra 9

The treaty of Lisbon “undermines not existing legal protections on Dagobah for unborn padawans” Bishop Yoda of Gn’Tharr has said on behalf of the Supreme Jedi Council.

In a statement issued last night, Bishop Yoda told reporters that they also wished “to clear make it that a Jedi can, in good conscience, vote Yes or No – cloudy the future is, difficult to discern” in the forthcoming referendum.

They warned “any material which misinforms citizens an interference is with the Force and no place has it in Jedi temples or grounds”.

The standing committee of the Jedi Council said “the Lisbon Treaty of the greatest importance is , not only for us here on Dagobah but also for the future shape of the Galactic Empire.”

They continued that “seek not we to align ourselves with either side of the referendum debate, wish we to clear make it that a Jedi can, in good conscience, vote Yes or No” and urged “all Jedi to consider carefully will they the contents of the Treaty.”

They stressed “the responsibility to vote on all of us and to so do with regard not just for our own personal or group interest like common Sith, but for the good of every citizen and the whole galaxy we must, yes.”

They said that “not just a union of planets and lifeforms the Galactic Empire is ; a community it must be of values. That just happens to have at least one Death Star the size of a small moon and a massive standing army of Clones suddenly for no apparent reason. On our elected representatives at home call we and in the Galactic Senate to promote and ensure respect for the values on which Galactic civilisation and culture have been built, values such as the fundamental right to life and protection of Jawas.

“The Treaty of Lisbon undermines not existing legal protections on Dagobah for unborn padawans. Our responsibility it remains as citizens of Dagobah and as citizens of the Galactic Empire, to promote vigorously the ‘Force’ as described by Qui-Gon Jinn in the encyclical Phantominae Menacium.

“As citizens of Dagobah a responsibility have we our voices to make heard about the kind of Empire in which we wish to live. Not the first time would it be that Dagobah such a role has played . The very nature of the GE calls for a pooling of sovereignty in specific areas. The common good strengthened could be by a sharing of sovereignty in this context, although allowed it must not be to weaken the principle of ‘subsidiarity’ which an intrinsic component is of the whole Galactic Empire project,” Bishop Yoda said.

He concluded “the right of xenoforms to exercise their vote freely of fundamental importance is . Last year condemned we the introduction of misleading, incorrect or irrelevant elements into the debate, and ambivalent we were at the destruction of the first Death Star over Yavin 5″.

Chancellor of the Galactic Senate Manuel Palpatine broadly welcomed the Jedi Council’s comments, before pulling the cowl of his robe up over his head and muttering “Soon it will all be complete my apprentice…soon we will destroy them all” to nobody in particular.

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