Irish Times Cartoonist To Seek Injunction Against TV3 Anchor

How The Irish Times will arrive to the Tonight With Vincent Browne production studio following claims of “consistently shite on screen interpretation” of Martin Turner cartoons

Veteran newsman Vincent Browne is to be asked to “cease and desist forthwith” from any further attempts to “read out, describe, or otherwise try to explain” the jokes in The Irish Times’ trademark Martin Turner cartoons.

A spokesman for the paper told reporters that “Vincent Browne is clearly a journalist of regard and note but his near constant ability to refer to Martin’s cartoons incorrectly is beginning to get on our tits”

The spokesman continued: “Its just gone on too long. There was a period back there when he [Vincent Browne] consistently tried to describe Martin’s cartoon while looking at the ad for Breitling Watches below the fold – what is worse, he mangles the caption with such alacrity as to cause great upset to our cartoonist who spends quite a bit of time on crafting his images and message”

“To have this work described in such a fashion is like asking a mute to interpret Ray Charles or the Pope to talk about having the ride with Cheryl Cole” the spokesman said concluding “The show is going out five days a week now, thats an extra night of desecration. Its got to stop”

Until such time as TV3 issues an undertaking that Mr Browne will desist from the disputed practice, advance copies of the paper will arrive to the studio with the Martin Turner cartoon ripped out. TV3 has offered to have Vincent Browne stand aside for the segment of the show dealing with the papers when the Turner cartoon figures and suggests that Ursula Halligan may be used to describe pictures and punchlines. A response from The Irish Times to this compromise has not yet been forthcoming.

In other less pressing news, the country is fucked.

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  1. AndrewSB49 Says:

    I never thought when I woke up this morning that I’d see Ray Charles’ name mentioned in an article on Ireland’s General Election.

    Truly Ireland is fucked.

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