Inbred Gobshite Defends NAMA

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan and his brother Conor seen getting ready for 'work'
Unfinance Minister Brian Lenihan TD with his brother Conor Lenihan TD pictured getting ready for ‘work’

Minister for Unfinance Brian Lenihan insisted this evening the Notional Asset Mismanagement Agency (NAMA) would not be a “bail-out” for banks and developers.

Following final publication of draft legislation the agency will be in a position to buy up loans at a discount and chase debts.

A confident and relaxed Mr Lenihan, in between sips of water, insisted that the plan was not designed to protect the big builders at the centre of the country’s property bubble.

“There is nothing clearly written in the proposed Bill that will provide a ‘bail-out’ for borrowers, whether builders, developers or otherwise,” Mr Lenihan told a press conference at ‘Government’ Buildings.

“Anyone who owes money before NAMA…. continues to owe it…. and is expected to….ehm…. repay the full amount of the debt……ehm….ehm….stop looking at me”

The NAMA plan will be open for consultation until September when the Dail returns after living it up for the summer.

“It’s essential that the banks are in a position to be a motor of credit in our economy,” Mr Lenihan said. “We all know the numerous problems that have affected Irish banks – the lack of regulation, the placement of insulated self serving cabals on boards, the sickening incestuous relationship between financiers, lobbyists and legislators…..but none of that is important now. What is important is for me to stop drinking this water which has been liberally laced with sodium pentothol before I blow the jig on the whole fecking mess” he said, before concluding “My mouth is very dry now. The government of which I am a part is ludicrously unprepared on every level for anything and has been beaten at Monopoly and Cleudo by a tank of goldfish, one of whom was dead at the time…..I frequently have rude dreams about the Minister for Health, Lassie and a jelly factory”.

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4 Responses to “Inbred Gobshite Defends NAMA”

  1. The Galway Tent Says:

    Next some spiel about “bankrupt-developers” being forced to sell their trophy houses and their trophy wives will be printed by The Irish Times in order to fob-off the mortgaged masses. The Traitor Gormley might even do a jobs announcement – omitting any mention of the firing of the 300 IGB recycling-workers, facilitated by the DDDA-Anglo-Irish patriots.

    Without the help of Mr. Gormley’s DDDA Planners Autocracy the IGB site’s current and foreseeable value is zero. The DDDA Planners Autocracy is in the final stages of a Sham Poolbeg Scheme process which will end up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions, killing jobs, shutting schools and hospitals. DDDA’s buddies in Dublin City Council, including €75K payoff councillors, will send many more people to hospital once the iconic Poolbeg Incinerator – “Europe’s Largest” – fires up its uncontrollable toxic particle generators (PM 2.5’s, PM1.0’s).

    NAMA’s sponsors like to confuse taxpayers by using big opaque numbers such as the ninety billion euro they plan to scam from taxpayers ‘to save the economy’. That’s €60,000 of extra taxes per worker (2011 full-time headcount equivalent). Such money would be better invested in high value intellectual property.

  2. Bill Says:

    Errant nonsense. And I’m not referring to NAMA.

  3. Morgan C. Jones Says:

    Ironic, isn’t it, that the preceeding comment which can only be assumed to be in support of the MaFFia and their expensive apparatus NAMA, comes from a gentleman called “Bill”

  4. Tim Nelligan Says:

    Still, the meeja wont tell the truth of the €1,600 Billion private sector debt!

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