Ich Bin Ein Wallbuilder – Bono

bono-vox Bobo soundchecking ahead of tonight’s free gig in Berlin

A free concert by U2 at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 will take place….. behind a wall erected by MTV, metres from the original – the wall is designed to ensure that 10,000 ticket holders will have a clear view without using a television.

It is the second time in 60 years that the activities of a diminutive stadium junkie with messianic delusions have led to the construction of a barrier in the city.

One elderly Berliner told our reporter how upsetting many of his neighbours feel; “The people of Berlin have suffered enough – first the stasi, and now this aging permateen und his gerbitchen – it has put many of us off attending the fetishernacht at the senior club this week” he said.

Our reporter also asked an MTV spokesgoon manning a machinegun tower at the perimeter of the wall about the station’s policy regarding the irony of staging a show celebrating the removal of the Berlin Wall with a wall, but he would only shout “Papiere! Geben Sie mir Ihre Identifizierungspapiere hier, oder ich werde Sie durch die Ordnung des vereinigten Kraft-Beruf-Netzes und Musik-Fernsehens Europa schießen” and gesture at him wildly with a submachine pistol.

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