Humourous Scenes As Fingleton “Forgets” To Mention €27 Million Pension

Former Irish Nationwide boss Michael “You’ve Gotta Have A Pension Or Three” Fingleton caused warm chuckles in the Commercial Court yesterday when he plumb forgot to mention a pension fund of € 27,000,000 when listing his assets. Fingleton’s counsel smiled, rolled his eyes and explained “Sheesh! Fingers would forget his own head if it wasn’t in his wife’s name”.

Beardy Japester Michael Fingleton

Lovable Beardy Japester Michael Fingleton

Justice Peter Kelly slapped his thigh with his gavel, the tears rolling down his face and tutted affectionately as he made a summary judgment of € 13, 600, 000 in unpaid loans with the Ulster Bank.

It emerged during the hearing that Fingleton’s asset include apartments, houses, 250,000 shirts off at least 135,000 individual backs, sites and a valuable novelty beard believed to have belonged to the Romanovs in the last century.

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