Hopes Fading for Missing Tourism Minister

Mr Martin Couldnot the Minister for Tourism, Sikorsky And Bell-Huey is missing presumed largely unneccesary in his five star hotel suite in Houston, Texas, he was 54.

The Minister went missing shortly after entering his suite in the plush Daddy-Ewing Houston Plaza Hotel. In what some are viewing as an omen, the door of his limousine fell off twice during his trip to the hotel, as did the door of the elevator bringing his party up to their floor. Hotel Manager Bradley Spankteeth told reporters “The guy was unusually unlucky. His pants and one of his arms fell off when he was checking in”.

According to the hotel’s switchboard log, Mr Couldnot rang room service three times: at 8.15pm to order a steak dinner and some gold; twenty minutes later he rang and ordered more gold and 129 fax machines to be flown in from Dubai via Frankfurt and Dubai; his last call was logged at 11.04pm – it is believed he was trapped in his room’s mini-bar after falling in when looking for a tin of nuts.

Mr Spankteeth said that the Daddy-Ewing Houston Plaza was doing everything in its power to ignore the scraping and giggling sounds coming from inside the mini-bar.

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