Hook Hostage Video Terror

The Emergency has obtained exclusive details of the making of the recent George Hook hostage videos, in which the former hero of Truth and Justice was forced at chequepoint to abandon decades of speaking his mind and instead read a carefully-scripted message from his shadowy captors about how their entire purpose in life was to improve the “television” “experience” of the “people” they “care” about.

Despite the excruciating and graphic nature of Hook’s humiliating appearance in the hostage videos, they have been aired dozens of times a day recently on Irish TV. A spokesweasel for Sky-pee explains this as further proof of the corporation’s “caring” about “your television experience”. The hostage videos clearly demonstrate the dangers of watching too much TV and of having your brandy laced with Rohypnol before the cameras started rolling.

Former caterer, rugby pundit and radio opinionifyer Mr. Hook (94) has refused to make a coherent comment on the videos. Sources close to the broadcaster have said he is “traumatised” and “solvent” following the episode.

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