Country Buggered As Scots Bank Leaves

Halifax customers who have not switched or closed their current or credit card accounts will have their cards and accounts deactivated from 5 pm today in a move which sees the foreign bank retrenching and leaving these shores; and leaving their former customers to forage as best they can in the slime of the Irish banking sector

21 Halifax shops are to close today, with the remaining 23 closing next Wednesday. On Thursday a Vogon Destructor fleet will move in and demolish Ireland to make way for a ghost estate, even though it seems that Bernard McNamara, Liam Carroll and the rest of the MaFFia annointed wreckers have already been there, done that, and the taxpayers.

In February, Halifax, which is owned by Bank of Scotland (Ireland) announced its plans to close its 44 retail branches.

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One Response to “Country Buggered As Scots Bank Leaves”

  1. Pat Donnelly Says:

    Yes, but truth lies in your plagiarized madness! Soon the other banks will be shutting branches and dumping older employees onto the scrapheap.

    It is to your credit that you retain a sense of humour. We will all need it! By the way, do not call the plain people of Ireland peasants or else you will be banned from!

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