Greek Banking Riots Attributed To Distinct Lack Of ‘Joe’

The ruined Greek Central Bank in Dæmė Street in Athens yesterday

The anti-government anti-bank “anti-being fucked up the whizzwang by the elite” riots which crippled Athens yesterday leading to the firebombing of a bank and three deaths have been attributed to the marked absence on Greek radio of a nasal honking daytime father confessor along the lines of Joe Duffy.

Greek radio boss Directorio Generaladoppolous this morning lamented the fact that Greek listeners don’t have a placating voice on weekday schedules allowing punters to vent their spleen histrionically in a manner which defuses public dissent. “Wė wœuld lovė tœ hævė a talk to Jœ Dūffudœppollis but xadly wė dœn’t” he said in bizzarely accented pidgin Greeklish.

Mr Generaladoppolous’ thesis is believed by many to be flawed however. Critics of his argument point to a decided lack of unregulated headshops in Greece. “Surely the country should be overrun with them if he is correct about the ‘no Joe’ thing” said Professor Ryan Bigot of UGC’s Crippled Economics Department, adding “Filthy feckers anyhow. All of them”.

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