Government Seeks Ideas For Mini Budget

The government is making figures available for the opposition parties to view in order that they might make their own proposals for the forthcoming mini budget.

“The figures are big and impressive and we hope the Opposition will stop squealing like a bunch of skint pigs and put forward some concrete proposals,” spat Tánaiste Swearymary Coughlan at reporters in an official government laneway late last night.

The government has denied that it will just steal any good ideas put forward and pass them off as their own. “Yizzir completely missing the feckin point”, insisted the Tánaiste, “It’s more to do with taking the shite ideas from them, mixing them up with our shite ideas and blaming that poxy little Spailieenfuckdogpikofecker Gilmore when the whole thing goes tits up the day after it’s published”.

The Tánaiste exclusively revealed to 2irish News that the governement has plans to expand this open door policy by publishing the same Department of Lack Of Finance figures on MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter.

“It’s the only way we’re ever going to get any feckin’ friends,” she breathed hoarsely before going for a little snooze.

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