Gormley “Confident” Greens Will Approve Nama

Green Leader John Gormley on divisions in his party – “We’re a family, like all families we argue over different viewpoints”

Environment Minister and Green leader John Gormley has (eco-consciously) rubbished reports of growing dissent within his party over the issue of Nama ahead of their vote on continuing in coalition with MaFFiana Fail this coming weekend.

Minister Gormley’s reported confidence that both the programme for government (still under renegotiation) and motion to back Nama will be approved may prove short lived. Seasoned Green watchers are expecting a knock down hippie fight the like of which hasn’t been witnessed since the last time there was only one skin left at Glastonbury.

Greens Against Nama (GAN) is leading the charge against the bank bailout, while undecided party members have formed Greens Intellectualising Nama (GIN); both can expect vigourous argument in favour by the party ‘top brass’, or Greens Underwriting Nama (GUN).

According to an anonymous source in GIN intimidation tactics have been used over recent days; “Bikes have been locked carelessly and saddles have gone missing” they said. The trembling Green became emotional recounting how she found organic kitchen waste in her paper metals and plastics bin.

GAN have denied taking part in this behaviour pointing out it’s probably the work of rogue elements within Fianna Fail seeking to stir things up for an increasingly difficult coalition partner. “We caught someone on CCTV who looked an awful lot like Willie O’Dea in a baseball cap locking his bike to two others and walking away” a GAN spokesentity said.

Comminications Minister Eamon Ryan seen by many to be inexplicably and embarassingly ‘pro-Nama’

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