Gilmore For Tea-Totaller Campaign Revs Up

In case you missed it, this is what a Taoiseach is supposed to look like first thing in the morning when the press are around

Labour’s think in in Roscommon kicked off in earnest yesterday and is oddly to focus on election strategy and job creation rather than getting hammered with lizards and pol corrs.

Yesterday, party leader Eamon Gilmore repeated his call for a General Election, saying the longer the current Government stayed in office, the more damage they would do. He used clear English and astonished listeners by doing so without sounding like a stray dog had spent the night in his mouth.

The acting Taoiseach meanwhile has travelled to a meeting of sore heads of State in Brussells to discuss EU External Policy. Mr Cowen is expected to spend the day being followed around by Berlusconi, Sarkozy and others who will be making “drinky drunk” mimes behind his back.

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