Fr**dom Of In******ion Reforms A Step Too Far

Miniature for [REDACTED] Brendan [REDACTED] pictured almost reaching a level

Moves to dramatically alter the way Freedom of [REDACTED] may be accessed have been criticized by ****** and **** *****.

“The changes will improve ****** and coherency” according to Miniature for Public Expenditure and Reform Br* nd*n H*wl*n

“We expect savings of [REDACTED] over a period of [REDACTED]” the Miniature said, and also offered his opinion that[REDACTED][REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] and may make it more difficult in the future to bring criminal charges against [REDACTED][REDACTED] of other political parties or indeed members of his own [REDACTED].

“As it is we’re doing all we can in this government to provide full information through free and unfettered engagement with our mouthpieces in the media at cocktails and dinner parties and indeed sometimes even on their radio and television programmes and in print” he said, the [REDACTED] slimy little [REDACTED].

Sources close to The Emergency point out that the Irish mainstream media are largely speaking a bunch of colluding [REDACTED].

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