Fr Dougal of Irish Politics Calls Labour “Fr Ted Of Irish Politics”

Ineffectual Green Leader John Gormley who is led and said by others

Green Leader and Minister for Fucking Off Meath People John Gormley has described the Labour Party as being “The Fr Ted of Irish politics” accusing them of saying “…down with this sort of thing while not saying what they are in favour of”

While Mr Gormless made his statement Fianna Fail sat in the corner drooling drunkenly occasionally yelling “Nama! Arse!! Lehman’s!!!” until Fine Gael came in with a tray full of ruddy Mayo men asking “Will you have a cup of weak Enda? You will, you will, you will, you will”.

Any resemblance of the Dáil to Fr Ted is coincidental: one is a long running popular farce depicting authority figures as buffoons, and the other was a popular Channel 4 sitcom written by Graeme Linehan and Arthur Matthews”

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