Former FG Taoiseach Defends Nama

Former Taoiseach Dr Garret FzzzJerllll

The former Taoiseach Dr Garret FzzzJerllll has stated that he stands by his assertion made public yesterday that the only way forward for the State is to get behind and follow the Government’s proposed Nama legislation.

“Zuzzzy zuzzzy zuzzzy zuzzy property bubbllllle, zuzzy zuzzy terrrrble errors of judgement, zuzzzy zuzzzy zuzzzzy zuzz hell in a handcart” he told reporters, wishing to fully explain his understanding of the roots of the present difficulties facing the Irish banking sector before further clarifying his support for Nama.

“Gzzzz ulrzzzz zuzzzy zuzzzy exposure to toxic loans, zuzzzy zuzzz in much the same way azuzzzy memberzuzzy of my own family zuzzzum zuzzy involved in property, zuzzy. However!!! zuzzy zuzzzy zuzzzy zzzzz. Only in this way can we zuzzy….zuzzy zuzzzy biscuits wuzzzy” he said.

Dr FzzzJerllll is best remembered for leading Ireland through the two longest cabinet meetings in the history of the State; the first lasted from 30 June 1981- 9 March 1982 and dealt with a road in Laois. The second lasting from 14 December 1982 – 10 March 1987, dealt primarily with the price of teabags in Mortons’ grocery in Dunville Avenue near his Dublin home, but again touched on the road in Laois that had so vexed the detail oriented Dr FzzzJerllll during his first cabinet meeting.

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