Fine Gael Welcomes Back Councillor After “Misunderstanding”

Kildare County Councillor Darren Scully has been admitted back into Fine Gael 20 months after his expulsion for refusing to represent the interests of African members of his community.

Councillor Scully

Councillor Scully

“It was all a big misunderstanding”, explained Scully at a Masai Crafts Fair in Kildare this morning. “I have had a long conversation with Enda Kenny and we are both satisfied that we do not represent the interests of most people in the community, so there’s no need to be getting all het up about it”.


During the period of his exclusion from Fine Gael, Cllr. Scully is said to have met with several representatives of the African community and, having studied their cultural perspective and his own career prospects in tandem, now concedes that he cannot “get away” with his original “shite”.

“Make no mistake”, he vowed, “I will be sanitising my shite henceforth”.

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