Fine Gael “On Election Footing”

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny

Fine Gael leader Edna Kenny (Mrs) dramatically announced yesterday that his party was “on an election footing”.

The announcement comes as no surprise as Edna has long been known to be eyeing key seats on primary school class councils – elections for these key ‘know your class swot’ races are due to take place in the coming weeks after Junior and Senior Infants settle down and just after First Class gets to grips with “harder homework”.

Kenny has an uphill battle however against key friendless and bookish children who are sure to be unwilling to give up their shot at bossing the others around. Additionally, the inclusion of several bullies from Fifth and Sixth on the ticket in many schools around the country (many for ironic reasons) may cause difficulties for the opposition. It is an oft repeated adage in class council races that Fine Gael don’t win elections, bigger boys from 5th and 6th lose them.

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