Fine Gael Leader In Freak 5 Point Plan Injury

Edna Kenny’s foot pictured earlier today

Fine Gael leader Edna Kenny (mrs) has been injured in a freak accident. Kenny was fumbling with his oft referenced five point plan when he dropped it.

The thinly veiled pile of twaddle spun wildly out of control before embedding itself in the Fine Gael chief’s foot.

“Enda didn’t feel a thing, he has no nerve endings left in the hooves d’you see from the repeated foot shooting over the years” a smirking Michael Noonan told reporters who guffawed appreciatively. Mr Noonan added “No. I’m serious. Why are ye all laughing?”

How the Fine Gael 5 Point Plan will work in coalition

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One Response to “Fine Gael Leader In Freak 5 Point Plan Injury”

  1. Gonedaffi Says:

    The no point whatsoever plan, he should call it.

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