Fine Gael Launches “Obama Style” Website

Fine Gael leader Edna Kenny (Mrs) is joined by members of his front bench at the launch of the party’s new look “Obama Style” website

January 4th 2011 and Fine Gael has come out fighting with a new look “Obama Style” website. The party of new ideas has decided to grapple with the need for a radical new direction in Irish politics by setting up the website as the first step to a dialogue with the electorate.

Edna Kenny (Mrs), the party leader, told reporters that this dialogue would soon be truncated into a “…more traditionally Fine Gael ‘monologue’ or ‘diatribe’ if you will”.

The Fine Gael general election 2011 campaign slogan will mirror Obama’s iconic call to hope of “Yes, We Can” with the more manageable aspiration “Well, We’ll See”. Kenny (Mrs) and his team have already costed their proposed takeover of the reins of power. According to thrusting young firebrand Michael Noonan Fine Gael’s plan to wind down the Seanad is the most cost effective as it has been around the longest. “Also do you see, changing from Fine Fail to Fine Gael will take less tippex than changing to Labour” Mr Noonan honked.

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