Fine Gael Demand New Financial Regulatory Board

Fine Gael, a loose grouping of people not in Fianna Fail, are to demand that the entire Financial Regulatory Board be replaced in a motion to be debated tonight in the Dáil.

Fine Gael Finance Spokesman Richard Brutal says the Financial Regulator should be replaced by an armed force empowered to shoot on sight. “It’s time to kick arse”, he confirmed to 2irish News today, “for too long members of the banking community have been allowed to do what they like without fear of being mowed down in a hail of fiery death”.

Fine Gael are also seeking to have bankers’ incomes capped at €250,000, representing a 1000% cut on average and to have the so called “Golden Circle Of 10” named publicly. Labout is thought to be considering tabling an amendment to the motion which additionally calls for the Silver Ellipse of 25 names suspected of owning more than five Louis Copeland suits and the Bronze Penumbra of 560 whom they believe have “fairly big cars” to be named and shamed in the Dáil as well.

Asked to comment on the proposed move, the current chairman of the Financial Regulatory Board told 2irish news “Fair Play To Them”. Then ten minutes later he rang back calling the move “A disgrace”.

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