Fianna Fail Unveil Generic ‘No Cowen’ Poster

Fianna Fail poster for 11/03/11 #2

A week is a long time in politics and so it would seem that as the party collapses under the gravity of it’s own corruption a quarter of an hour is a long time in Fianna Fail.

Having been first off the blocks this afternoon with their Done yis all. None of ye left to do posters for Election ’11, featuring Brian Cowen in a typically combative pose, news of a fresh heave against the Fianna Fail leader has prompted the unveiling of an alternative campaign poster and slogan.

At the behest of Cowen critics within the ranks led by ‘Sciencey’ Lenihan, Noel Backbencher and Tom Crank the organisation is to run with a generic image focussing on an Ireland of the future with the upbeat slogan Going forward…

In this way elements within the party hope to disassociate themselves fully from Mr Cowen’s toxic brand and secure the 120 seats they feel are their collective due in March 11th.

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