Fianna Fail Not To Contest Texaco Children’s Art Competition

Hopes dashed for Fianna Fail’s young turks

It has emerged that Fianna Fail are not making an entry into this year’s Texaco Children’s Art Competition – the first time in 43 years that the party has failed to field contestants.

The closing date for entries to the 57th Texaco Children’s Art Competition is Friday, 25th February 2011. Fianna Fail deputies and hopefuls checking the rules (a novel experience for any member of the party) are greeted by the stark warning that “This date is final. If your entry is received after this date it will not be submitted to the judges.

Heartbroken Mary Coughlan and Conor Lenihan were too distraught to comment. Dara Calleary wept openly. Martin Manservant questioned the wisdom of not just letting Fianna Fail win out of a sense of gratitude and “for stability’s sake”.

Outgoing pig dealer and debonair ‘Man About Mitchelstown’ Ned O’Keefe demanded to know why the judges were: “… given final arbitration over such an important matter if they are going to be no use to the system which appointed them ….I’m not trying to change anything by way of which the law of this country is enacted but all I’ll say is this – they forget their frinds very quick now”. He eventually went away when it was explained to him that the judges in question weren’t Fianna Fail appointees.

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