FG TD PJ Apologises For Garda Incident

FG’s PJ Sheehan – upholding the Blueshirts’ venerable tradition of hunting one’s own foot with a blunderbuss

The Fine Gael TD who last July drunkenly abused a young Garda who was trying to prevent him from driving rat-arsed has apologised.

“This behaviour is totally out of character in my 30 years in politics” he said. Normally he doesn’t get caught.

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2 Responses to “FG TD PJ Apologises For Garda Incident”

  1. Marcus Aurelius Says:

    He’s a disgrace to Irish politics. He should have been sacked back in July, let alone now.

    More on his shameful behaviour:

  2. Pat Donnelly Says:

    He is not alone.

    Time for the OAP, pal!

    Take 90% of the rest of them with you!

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