FF Tech Launch Exclusive – The urBad!

The eagerly unanticipated urBad – Fiannafle’s revolutionary new device designed to deflect blame for the recession

Fiannafle’s Brian Nomorejobs unveiled his company’s new urBad, a type of ongoing device using no new ideas that displays a wide range of excuses, or ‘Crapps’ such as the “We all got carried away during the boom” Crapp or the “Nobody yet everybody is responsible” Crapp or even the ever popular “Lehmann Brothers did it” Crapp

The urBad is designed to copperfasten Fainnafle’s stranglehold on the growing ‘Peddle Any Old Shite To Stay In Power’ market particularly with regard to the onslaught from rival Fine Gael’s Microthought Himbo N-da.

“Years ago, we relied on the iProne to do this kind of thing, but now urBad is our most advanced blame shifting technology reinterpreting the causes of our downfall in a magical unbelievable way, going forward” said Mr Nomorejobs, who assumed his role as acting head of Fiannafle in 2008.

“We are where we are – the urBad creates and defines an entirely new category of devices that will deflect taxpayers with Crapp for everything, laying the blame for the downfall of society at the door of the low paid, at public sector employees, beggars, stoners and foriegners” said Mr Nomorejobs before finishing the launch buffet and ordering eight pints of stout.

The urBad costs several billion euro and is compulsory.

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