FBI Investigates Fine Gael Web Hack

Investigators at America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation are examining clues on the U.S. hosted Fine Gael website which was hacked by the cyber activist styling themselves ‘Anonymous’

The attack led to the leaking of 2000 of the site’s registered users’ details, the temporary disabling of the site, and left Fine Gael top brass redder in the face than usual.

Gary Weezlerman a profiler at the Bureau’s Quantico HQ spoke with The Emergency by telephone as he viewed the site. “The guy you’re looking for is male, Caucasian and has issues surrounding inferiority and suppressed rage. He probably feels that he never made his father proud. This suspect may well harbour deep admiration in the direction of fascism and…oh hang on…. this is the site before it was hacked I’m looking at….I hem….I should ….eh….prolly go”.

Edna Kenny (Mrs): America’s Most Wanted

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