‘Exclusive’ Free Xmas Giveaway

Celebrate the season of good cheer with this ‘exclusive’ free image of the Most Holy Nativity from The Emergency. Hand painted on finest Korean elk vellum by award winning artist Lief Randstonsenn then photgraphed with a Kodak disposable camera before being scanned by Santa’s helpers into a Dell PC, this tasteful representation of the Christmas family utilises the latest in advanced Sino-Indian Emergency bmp. jpeg mp3 ™© technology to allow you to literally ‘cut’* a piece off your computer’s televisor and ‘paste’** it into an Emergency electronic mail™© to bring joy to your loved ones – OR! use ***Emergency videotronic staples™© to enplace this lovely Christmas image as wallpaperings on your pc or mac televitron

MaFFia Holy Trinity

*Emergency Electro Glue™© not included
**Fictional product MAY NOT EXIST

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