Environment Minister Attacked

Gormley Attacked bu Polar Bears
A mobile phone image of the attack on Environment Minister John Gormless in the Danish capital this morning.

Green Party leader and Minister for the Environment John Gormley was attacked by a delegation of angry polar bears at the Copenhagen Climate Summit earlier today; Mr Gormley was pushed to the ground and kicked by the massive angry mammals as he tried to gain entry to the building hosting today’s scheduled meetings.

Danish police say it is likely that the polar bears felt empowered into mounting the attack by recent events involving Italian Prime Minister Slimio Brothelattendi.

Mr Gormley was shaken but largely unhurt, and onlookers noticed there was no change to his dignity and bearing before, during or after the incident “It was as if he had no dignity, spine or moral compass to begin with – its amazing” said Knut Strollson an eyewitness

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