ECB Head Jean-Claude Triquy “Only Joking” About Ireland

The President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Triquy has admitted he was taking the piss at a meeting recently in Dublin where he expressed confidence in Ireland’s ability to come through the current economic difficulties.

Government Ministers in Ireland have been referring to M. Triquy’s comments whenever challenged on their ability to come close to even having a clue how to get out of the mess we are in. As recently as last night the Minister for Moving Stuff, Noclue Dempsey, claimed that “Everything is grand. The French fellah from the big bank said he has every confidence in the government and that’s good enough for me.”

However M. Triquy told friends at a party last night night that there was a misunderstanding. Speaking in a comedy French accent he is reported to have said he was “Only ‘aving ze craique wiz my leetle Irish pig friends. ‘Ow zey love ze fairy tales in zat leetle country.”

M. Triquy is noted for his humourous badinage and recently created a similar storm when remarking on a visit to Italy that he would “trust ze Italian government wiz ze keys to my god-daughters’ boudoirs”.

Fianna Fail is currently drawing up plans to re-draw constitutency boundaries to include Jean-Claude Triquy’s house.

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  1. Póló Says:

    They really don’t need to change any boundaries. They have always regarded Europe as that little shed at the bottom of the garden.

    Parochial dry toilet joke.

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