Dunnes Stores In Plastic Bag Challenge Shock

22 cent – good value or a shocking rip off?

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One Response to “Dunnes Stores In Plastic Bag Challenge Shock”

  1. conor rm Says:

    this quick story is true and somewhat comedic.

    A public service/ mid level civil servant friend of mine who works in a Govt department that looks after facts and figures regarding everything civil servanty recently admitted to me as he gulped down a frothy one and inhaled deeply on a doobie that 78.3% of Gardai do not have a TV Licence. He was very specific. He mentioned it being an office challenge that he’d won hands down.
    Under his comb over weekday wig lays a glue hardened mohawk.
    Under his weekend grey socks lay ankle studs and unwashed feet.

    What can be done with this information?

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