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Morgan C. Jones sent a message using the contact form at http://contact.ie/contact.

A Chara

I’m a voting constituent. So are my wife and my two eldest children. For a start, you can completely forget any votes in favour of Lisbon if you proceed with your disgustingly inequitable bail out of the banks and developers via Nama.
It’s not just our 4 votes – my father and his wife (lifelong Fianna Fail supporters disgusted with the treason that you have committed upon our State) will vote no for this reason. That’s six votes gone. My mother in law, old Fine Gael, pro Europe, pro Enda – the price of her yes to Lisbon is the immediate reversal of Nama. 7 votes now boys, see the ripples? My two brothers and sisters remaining in this country and their spouses and adult children number 11 votes. So that’s a total of 18 votes you’re going to lose on Lisbon over Nama. From 2 generations of 1 typical Irish family.
I’ll be honest with you (not that you’d understand the concept) you were never going to get a “yes” or a vote for any Fianna Fail candidate from me – I find your kind nauseating. However, out of the foregoing 18 typical votes you’re kissing at least 9 votes in favour goodbye if you pursue Nama. Not to mention 3 don’t knows. Do the math (I believe one of you is an accountant)

for the attention of Bertie Ahern TD & Cyprian Brady TD

Morgan C. Jones

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4 Responses to “Draft Letter/email to TDs”

  1. dr_faulk Says:

    I’ve seen a few of these notices going around, threatening to vote No on Lisbon if one thing or another isn’t sorted out first. Truth is, we should all be voting No on Lisbon anyway, and at the same time sorting out our own economy. And isn’t there some conflict of interest here? “Sort out our economy properly, and then we’ll agree to hand more power to Europe”. Stop letting the Germans dictate what we need to do and start doing it ourselves. For shite’s sake, look at the size of Singapore and Lux! What’s stopping us from being financial power houses ourselves? Pure, idol Oirish laziness, that’s what.

  2. Roisin Says:

    I don’t know about Brady, but it is my information that the Ahearn guy was only a payroll clerk not actually any kind of accountant

  3. Martinius Hibernicus Says:

    It’s a bit dumb to confuse Lisbon with NAMA. Jesus – if I could get ruled directly from Brussels I would, instead of by the bungling neanderthals we have voted in.

  4. Morgan C. Jones Says:

    dr faulk – I’m with you really. I’m a no and hope that no carries the day- my ideal would be to force govt backbenchers to waver over the threat of losing their beloved Lisbon so much that they reject Nama. Then vote no anyway.
    Roisin, I stand corrected.
    Martinius Hibernicus, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that EU pols are cleaner than TDs. They’re not. We don’t need anaccountable rule from a distance. We need real change (and arrests) here in my opinion

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