Dozens Flee Irish Money Famine

Dozens of citizens hit by successive failures of the money crop in Ireland threw off their clothes, formed a orderly queue on the slipway at Seapoint, Co. Dublin and attempted to swim to a new life in Wales.

Friends and relatives watched tearfully as the desperate swimmers struck out to sea in the hope of finding fortune in the Principality.

“We know it’s a long shot,” admitted one of the shivering emigrants, “but if Charlotte Church can make a fortune, then we feel we should have no bother at all doing it”.

For older observers the scene brought back dreadful memories of the 70s when fifty builders from Monkstown attempted to float to The Isle of Man on three lilos which they had gaffa-taped together. That trip ended in failure, with the builders misjudging the tides and being washed ashore four hours later in Bray, where they lost their few remaining coppers in the slot machines.

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