Double Blow For Cowen As Coughlan Gives Full Backing

Outgoing Golfer & Amateur Taoiseach Brian Cowen is this moment considering his position after being hit by a double salvo from within the ranks of his own cabinet. It’s reported that an unnamed government minister has asked the keen leadership hobbyist to stand down. However it is not this but the unequivocal backing of Tanaiste Mary Coughlan which has the leader-like enthusiast in despair.

Mary Coughlan

Tanaiste Mary Coughlan with two of the Taoiseach's aides shortly after hearing how he feels about her defence of him in the Dail earlier.

Ms. Coughlan defended the Taoiseach in the Dail when responding to questions from Enda Kenny, the leaderlike member of Fine Gael.

“I have full confidence in the aversion of eventing given to me by the Teatray”, she malapropped stridently, “If Noel Coward says he didn’t talk about angling when playing a round with the charwoman of Angled Iris Tank, then I for one am happy to acceed to his alma mater”.

Asked how the Taoiseach felt about Coughlan’s defence of him in the house earlier, a source close to Mr. Cowen blanched, muttered “Shite”, poked The Emergency reporter Seamus Brophy in both eyes with a putter and retreated into his burrow, dragging a large rock over the entrance.

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