Donegal Wind Energy Academy To Harness Coughlan Output By 2012

A new Wind Energy Academy is to be established in Donegal as part of that county’s efforts to become the Wind Capital of Ireland.

The initial phase of the development of the Wind Academy will build on the existing Diploma In Light Breezes and its companion postgraduate MA course in Applied Puffing at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

Donegal Wind Plan Involvinf Tanaiste Mary Coughlan

But wind boffins are particularly excited about the prospect of harnessing the wind output of the Tánaiste, Mary Coughlan. It is thought Ms. Coughlan’s output could be converted using a specially strengthened turbine which would see her hooked up to the national grid by 2012.

The Acting Professor of Blowing at Letterkenny Institute, Dr. Seán Gaoifear, told The Emergency today that few if any counties in Ireland have a comparable source of wind energy to that generated by Ms. Coughlan.

” Many counties have similar outputs in terms of volume of moving air, particularly those with cabinet members as TDs,” he gasped incredulously, “but few offer the twin benefits of wind and extremely hot temperatures provided by An Tánaiste. One unique characteristic we are dealing with here is that, unlike counties with regular politicians who provide some level of hot moving air, Ms. Coughlan does so constantly, abrubtly and without provocation or a reason at excitingly frequent intervals throughout the day and even when asleep at night, when that happens”

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