Details Of Negotiations Which Government NOT Holding With IMF Emerge

The Irish government has confirmed that the IMF has arrived in Dublin to have a look around.

Government sources have said there is “no bailout negotiation” going on with the IMF and ECB. The Tánaiste Mary Coughlan has denied that the 12.5% corporate tax is among the things being not negotiated. “In the context of the non-negotiation of a deal with the IMF, corporate tax rates are not negotiable” she explained in the Dáil earlier.

Diagram Indicating Destination Of IMF Funds

Diagram Indicating Destination Of IMF Funds NOT Currently Being Negotiated

Meanwhile on RTE News the Minister for Drawing & Running & Kicking A Ball, Mary Hanafin has said the negotiations which are NOT taking place are “Not just about debt”. They are about stabilising the banking system, which is owned by and has nothing to do with the state. The additional 10s of billions of debt involved in the negotiations which are not taking place are a side issue.

Meanwhile journalists contacting The Department of Finance seeking information about the negotiations which are NOT taking place as this piece goes to press, have been advised to “Give the IMF a call”. However the Dept. of Finance has claimed that it provided far more information. “We told the journalists they could phone the IMF it’s true, but we did point out they could also follow the IMF on twitter and/or ‘like’ them on FaceBook”.

The Acting Taoiseach Brian Cowen and other government ministers have mentioned that the loan which is NOT being negotiated with the IMF could form a contingency fund only to be used if things get a bit rocky and definitely not until after the IMF have gone home.

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