Deranged Old Bat Denounces Fellow FF Mobster

Senator Mary O’Rourke pictured this morning just before Dr Phil came on

SENATOR IVOR Callely has brought “shame and dithgrathe” on Fianna Fáil and should be expelled from the party, according to long-serving TD and former minister Mary O’Rourke who went on to denounce scorpions for being “poithonouth” and Dublin’s beloved Spire for being “pointy”.

Mr Callely claimed almost €3,000 from the Oireachtas for the purchase of mobile phones and related services from Alexander Graham Bell a person whom the Companies Registration Office records show had ceased existing.

“Thuffering thucotash I don’t know how you put a perthon out of the party, but all I know ith he’th bringing shame on the party by his carry-on and the anticth of him, and we don’t know what ith nextht,” Ms O’Rourke said.
“He ith bringing shame and disgrathe on the party . . . he should be just exthpelled from the party.”

Ms O’Rourke added that she believed Mr Callely was “completely itholated”.
A senior Fianna Fáil source said Ms O’Rourke had said what everyone else in the party was thinking. A Fianna Fáil spokesman said the party had no ability for independent thought.

Mr Callely, who resigned the Fianna Fáil whip in June, could not be reached for comment yesterday either in Clontarf or Cork. It is believed that he may currently be “off planet”.

Green Party chairman Dan Boyle, who is deputy leader of the Seanad and a member of the committee that ruled against Mr Callely in a recent travel expenses investigation, interrupted his ongoing impression of a motile blancmange to say Mr Callely could not be removed from office. Mr Boyle called on Mr Callely to consider his position at the weekend. Mr Callely did so and is thought to have switched from lolling around to reclining decoratively.

“He can’t be removed from office. It’s either a choice for him or action being taken elsewhere by other agencies, possibly the acting Taoiseach or an angry torch wielding mob” Senator Boyle said yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Fianna Fáil mayor of Galway Michael Crowe said Mr Callely should resign from the Seanad immediately.
“He has brought our party to the forefront of the public mind for all the wrong reasons….think of true patriots like Charles Haughey, Raphael Burke, Liam Lawlor, Bertie Ahern….ehhh….actually…..ehhh….I’ll get my coat”

Mr Callely was appointed to the Seanad by former FF crime family boss Bertie Ahern. He lost his Dáil seat in the 2007 general election, having resigned his minister of state position in 2005 over having had his house painted for free, in the 1990s, by a building company which he had favoured with public contracts – which was let’s face it unfair. I mean, we’ve all had our houses painted for free at one time or another, in the 1990s, by a building company which we had favoured with public contracts. Haven’t we?

The Constitution states: “Every member of Seanad Éireann shall, unless he previously dies, resigns, or becomes disqualified, continue to hold office until the day before the polling day of the general election for Seanad Éireann next held after his election or nomination.” Then there are several pages with doodles of the risen Christ, references to broadswords and cryptic lines about “immortals” and “…there can be only one”.

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  1. John McDermott Says:

    Poor Ivor,so much at stake,and even the witches who shared his bed for so long, are gathering kindlewood for the fire..

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