DAA chief snapped returning a portion of bonus cash

The above shot was captured by intrepid Emergency snapper, Shots O’Kilbeggan, in Dublin Airport’s very long stay car park, as top-flight DAA high flier Declan ‘Cleared for rip off’ Collier of the DAA returned a portion of his parking expenses monies claimed throughout the period of March to the end of March earlier this year.

‘Fuck off,’ retorted a clearly none-too-bothered Mr Collier, as our reporter asked him how in tune he felt with the rest of the nation. ‘I’m doing the state some small fucking service here. Amn’t I shipping the shite out? And believe you me, it’s a fucking thankless job.’  At that point Mr Collier made his getaway by disappearing up his own rear in a cloud of sanctimony.

Several other semi-state chiefs were unavailable for cuts when we contacted them.

Mr Collier is on the remuneration committee of AIB, which sets pay rates for other high flyers within the Irish flagship bank.


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