Curse Of Vincent Browne Claims Another Victim

Vincent Browne photographed by the Earl of Carnarvon in 1922

Has the curse of Vincent Browne claimed another victim? Well, frankly yes if our headline is anything to go by – and if its good enough for the Irish Daily Mail, then by crackey its good enough for us.

First came the demise of the Earl of Carnarvon and ultimately Howard Carter who were interviewed into a maddening frenzy which claimed the careers and lives of the two men shortly after they discovered the veteran journalist in 1922.

Then much later, after laying apparently dormant he claimed the career of Fine Gael’s Richard Bruton; a baking enthusiast and part time politician who had stumbled into the Vincent’s lair by invitation – the cruel Vincent exposed him and his girlish giggle which terrified him when he watched himself back on YouTube the following day. So much so that even Edna Kenny (mrs) could take him in a heave.

Then recently came the turn of Conor Lenihan….actually no… The Vincent can’t really be blamed for that one.

AND NOW! The Vincent’s latest victim – Joan Burton of the Labour Party who was mesmerised into pulling an uncharacteristic freaker as she attacked Joe Higgins, a Socialist of no fixed parliament who she exposed as a Socialist MEP, even conferring upon him the title “Your MEPness”. Fine Gael deputy Simon Coveney who was also in the studio told reporters after the frenzy of his shock. “Eemmmmmmm…uuuuuum…..well …..ehhhhh” he said, clearly boring all within earshot to torpor.

Following the episode, which trended internationally on Twitter, several Fianna Fail and Fine Gael MEPs have begun lobbying Commission President Barroso to find out why they don’t have the title “Your MEPness” when someone as clearly anti EU as Higgins has.

Mr Barroso is setting up a two year commission inquiry to tell them why.

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