Cullen Defends Rape Comments

Minister for Arse-All and Antics, Martin Cullen, exhausted from all the media attention, pictured demanding a privacy law this morning

The Minister for Arse-All and Antics, Martin Cullen, has said he chose his words carefully when he spoke yesterday on his treatment by the media comparing it to “waking up every morning and being raped”.

Minister Cullen used a speaking engagement at a seminar on defamation to misappropriate and undermine the suffering of actual victims of rape.

Today, Mr Cullen said that he had spoken in the proper forum yesterday to “convey what he had to say to a very legalistic audience”, and everything he said “should be seen in that broad context”.

Speaking to reporters outside his Wexford home, Mr Cullen voiced his long held belief that there should be a privacy law. This should be balanced against a more widely long held belief that a law should be introduced/upheld to properly investigate and punish self serving political scumbuzzards not unlike members of Mr Cullen’s own party and their lobbyists and supporters. Perhaps we should promise him his if we get ours?

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