Cowen’s Garda Driver “Heard Nothing”

It has emerged this morning that a heave against acting Don of of the MaFFiana Fail crime family may be underway – this follows yesterday’s revelations in the Dáil that Mr Cowenleone dined in July 2008 in the company of two directors and one ex director of toxic bank Anglo and a government appointee to the Central Bank.

Also at the dinner in Druids Glen was Mr Cowenleone’s Garda driver, who you could expect to be of some use as a source of detailed information regarding the conversation at the dinner table on that fateful night.

Sadly this has proven to not be the case. The driver in question has stated that he did indeed join the company but after patting down the others for his boss the last thing that he understood was when Fintan Drury recommended the pasta vongole.

“After that” the Garda driver said “Mr Cowenleone told me that him and Seanie and the others was going to talk Italian to eachother and did I mind? Jaysus no chief says I and I ate me spag bol when it arrived and they all just jabbered away”.

When asked if he remembered anything specific or unusual from the night in question he furrowed his brow in deep concentration for almost three minutes before he answered “Yes. That spag bol tasted very fishy and was too feckin’ crunchy for my liking”.

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