Cowen: “No Room For Complacency”

Brian Cowen artist, singer, mimic and Taoiseach has hit out at the feckless population of Ireland, whom he holds responsible for the current economic crisis.

Opening a big shiny building in Dublin, the Taoiseach slammed the “Complacency” of people who think that merely by loosing their job, taking a pay cut, paying levies and/or booking passage on the Sheepstealer Special to the Antipodes, they have done their bit.

“I am appalled by the happy-go-luck, devil-may-care attitude of ordinary people and I must warn you all: you’re still ear deep in the shite”.

A spokesman for the electorate expressed surprise at the Taoiseach’s remarks. “We were having a party before Mr. Cowen brought this unfortunate state of affairs to our attention this morning”, he confirmed. “We’ve been completely foolish and would like to apologise unreservedly to the Taoiseach and the government for ruining the country like a bunch of gadflys”.

The Taoiseach is expected to launch an attack on lacksadaisical pensioners in a major speech soon.

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